All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, 个人发展与抱负.


















The English as an Additional Language Department (EAL) offers provision for students whose first language is one other than English. 

学生的水平范围从新英语(A)到流利英语(E), 有必要编制个别节目. 到达, EAL students are assessed using EAL Assessment package (speaking and listening assessment, 阅读和写作测试)和贝尔基金会EAL评估框架. Each student is considered individually, and once assessed, they join an appropriate EAL pathway. All students attending EAL intervention programmes are assessed each half term during Assessment Week, when they complete a summative assessment of reading and/or writing as well as speaking and/or listening assessment. All the assessments are designed by the EAL team and based on the topics covered during the intervention sessions.  另外, the formative assessment of each student takes place daily in their withdrawal EAL session or during in class support to provide ongoing feedback that is then used by subject and EAL teachers to improve their teaching and by students to improve their learning. This formative assessment feedback enables students to identify their strengths and weaknesses and target areas that need to be improved. It also helps the EAL Department to recognise where students are struggling and address any issues immediately. All the EAL support programmes’ goal is to facilitate smooth integration into mainstream subjects, 一旦学生变得更加自信和精通英语. 
更熟练, 学生的EAL365bet体育变得更加专业, 通常更多地关注特定主题的语言. Lessons are then tailored to support comprehension and expression in the content areas, 通常在学生参加外部考试的科目中. 

KS3 EAL退出 

KS3 students assessed to be at New to English (A) level (DfE levels) and at Early Acquisition (B) level receive weekly EAL withdrawal sessions (across the subjects) and intense in class support in the humanities subjects, 在科学上也是如此.  In their EAL withdrawal sessions they follow an inspiring and up to date English language course aimed at developing their proficiency in English across all 4 language skills. The curriculum for the withdrawal sessions is based on Oxford University Press English Plus language learning materials, 辅以大量针对性的语言学习资源, which help the learners develop their language competence through effective modelling, 强调沟通, 注重批判性思维和真实的语言. The targeted students also engage in the independent learning at home through Flash Academy language learning software.  

 KS4 EAL选项    

KS4 Students assessed to be at New to English (A) Level (DfE levels) or Early Acquisition (B) level are offered the EAL Option. They attend all core subjects and 2 option subjects and receive EAL intervention in place of the third option subject. This gives them a chance to develop their English language proficiency to be able to access and successfully pass their chosen GCSE subjects. 要做到这一点, the students follow a bespoke support programme which leads to a qualification in English Functional Skills (Edexcel). 作为这一途径的一部分, 学生在所有GCSE科目上都得到EAL部门的课堂支持. 

KS4 EAL英语实用技能 

 Pearson Edexcel英语入门级功能技能资格证书, 2 and 3 as well as at level 1 are for learners to develop understanding and valuable skills in English.  


  • Listen, understand and make relevant contributions to discussions with others in a range of contexts  

  • Apply their understanding of language to adapt delivery and content to suit audience and purpose  

  •  自信而流利地阅读一系列不同类型的文本, 将他们对文本的知识和理解应用到自己的写作中  

  • 编写不同复杂度的文本, 与准确性, 有效性, 以及正确的拼写, 标点和语法  

  • 了解以下情况, 以及受众, 规划, 起草和使用正式语言很重要, 当他们不那么重要的时候. 

The students who follow an EAL option at KS4 complete their Functional Skills examination in the Summer term of year 11. 


除了在戒毒期间教英语, EAL规定的一个重要组成部分包括课堂支持, with EAL specialist staff assigned to attend subject lessons to support students in the language of the content area.  


The EAL Department provides a range of extra- curricular opportunities for EAL students to benefit from. KS3鼓励学生参加EAL家庭作业俱乐部. 另外, the EAL department runs a hugely popular Korean club and Chinese Mandarin Club. There are also tutoring sessions for students wanting to take the Community Language GCSE exam in the summer term. These are led by the bilingual HAMD teachers or by the external tutors who are language specialists and who are familiar with the requirements of the GCSE curriculum for a given community language. 文化交流部举办文化参观及旅游活动(例如.g., to London or Brighton) to enrich students’ experience and further develop their overall language proficiency. 


设施包括两间教学室, 其中一所学校配备了电脑,学生们可以在课间休息时使用, 午餐及放学前或放学后自习(TLC -语文中心). 所有EAL学生都可以使用TLC作为基础, 是什么给了他们一种连续性和身份感,从而带来安全感. The EAL Department is also running an EAL Social Club on Wednesday and Friday mornings. 欢迎所有EAL学生参加这些365bet体育, 当他们可以玩游戏时, 在一个支持和友好的环境中社交和交朋友. 


所有会说双语的学生, read and write in a community language supported by the exam board at the GCSE level are encouraged to take the GCSE in their community language. The EAL Departments provides students with guidance on the specification of their exam and supports them with their preparation and revision for those exams throughout the year. There are also free tutoring sessions available to boost students’ confidence in speaking or/and writing before their GCSE exam. 所有HAMD的学生, 谁曾经参加过社区语言GCSE考试, 他们都非常成功,大部分都拿到了高分.